My experience as an athlete has taught me that you can't out-train a bad diet. On the other hand, my experience in advertising has taught me there's too much false information out there for most people to make sense of. Combine this with years of researching nutrition and sports physiology, and I now advise on the most healthy paths you can take towards your goals.

My work is based on the training methods of Professor Tim Noakes, Arthur Lydiard, Dr. Phil Maffetone, amongst others. I adapt these to different practices, should they be endurance, strength or team sports.

I provide services for all athletes from competitor to newbie, in all sport practices (endurance, team sports, racket sports, and more) :

  • People that are new to sports or stepping up to new goals
  • Diabetics (T1 & T2) and other chronic disease patients, that want to improve their health though diet and physical activity to aid with their symptoms
  • Competitive amateurs & semi-professional athletes

Hi! My name is Ben

I’m a Canadian Health & Wellness Coach based in Paris, France. I’m a Concordia University Masters, and am a certified health coach.

I wasn't always a coach or an athlete. I'm a former chef & advertising executive. I started out in life as a chef, and then moved to advertising for over a decade.

It wasn't long after starting the desk job that I had to accept I was no longer fit, and at 105 kg (230 lbs) I was overweight, smoking like a chimney. It took seeing a picture of me swimming, and its strong likeness to the movie "Free Willy", to jolt me into working my way to fitter and healthier than I had ever been.

The coaching came many years later. I started coaching friends and friends of friends as a hobby, and when I finally realised it was the true reason I was getting out of bed every morning, I quit the desk job and went full-time.

Since, I've been helping both athletes and casual fitness enthusiasts connect back to their bodies so they can unleash their full potential, by leveraging training, nutrition, and rest.

I have a modest background in competition, but have been at it for over 20 years, starting out with horseback riding in the French National Eventing circuit in the late 90's, and later road running in '08, which progressively transitioned into mountain and ultra-running.

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