I'm a little behind ony my next article, but while I finish it up, today is a perfect opportunity to talk about "Shoespiracy".

Shoepiracy is a short documentary produced by Vivobarefoot, and its a powerful testimony to what has gone wrong with our modern footwear. A must watch for anyone that's concerned with their health.

As much as Vivobarefoot is biased in this debate as a shoe manufacturer, this is an issue that deeply affects most of the athletes I work with, at all levels of fitness. We don't realise that our shoes are hurting us because we've never known life without them.

You would think that an elite level or an olympic athlete would have strong feet, but more often than not you'd be wrong.

It may come as a surprise to some, but many of the most elite athletes have completely atrophied foot muscles, and when they eventually get injured (the Achilles tendon and the knee being quite common) the professionals that counsel them are most often clueless as to what the problem actually is, and therefore never correct them.

So biased or not, I'm still glad to see someone putting out good content so we can reach more people with this message.

Check it out!

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How to successfully overtrain

“No pain, no gain”, an expression so deeply engrained in our Western culture has a great part to play in overtraining, and it should be unsurprising to you that on health focused blog, a title like this one is nothing more than shameless clickbait.

“There are no medals for going hard in training”

I could really summarise this entire article with that simple piece of advice, but it turns out I have a bit more to say about the topic.