The first session is completely free, no obligations, so book your trial below or if you have questions send me an email


How does a trial session go?

Three important things happen:

  • we talk about your background and goals so I can get a good feel of what you're expecting (about 15 minutes)
  • after a quick warmup we do a succession of drills so I can put numbers on your fitness levels and have a detailed picture of your starting abilities. These numbers then become the baseline we improve on.
  • we agree the best kind of program for your needs

If after this session either of us thinks we're not a good match, it's a no strings attached operation.

What happens during an assessment call?

Very much like a trial session in terms of the conversation, but where it differs is I will be giving you drills to perform on your own, so you can report the results back to me at a later date. We then mutually decide if we move on from there.


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